The concept is intended set-up for the 90's clubbing generation to relive there memories back, but also  to show 'the experience' on the young and new clubgeneration how special a night out on a megaclub was in the 90s, that makes the whole concept unique!


The idea behind Mega Retro Belgium is created by Tom M. & Thomas VH. together with some close friends with a great passion and love for Megaclubs
and nightlife from the 90's.

All were quickly  agree that something special had to be done to remember and to relive our past Belgium's golden club years from the 90's .

The idea was not to bring only the music back, but the full experience of a mega club as it was in our Belgian club history.

When we looking at the most famous and impressive clubs in Belgium in the 90s, the name  Zillion quickly appeared in the lists. To there impressive light system and eye for special items.
So the word was out, and our "search" adventure  to these unique collector's items could begun


In November 2015 our search for exclusive Zillion items has started, we knew that  then a the time  of club Zillion, the company technoconstruct has created all the special effects for zillion Antwerp.
On the public sale technoconstruct was able to buy back a number of items, including these truss arms and structures.after a long negotiation we were able to buy these frames from techno construct.
Now days these are the eye catchers from Mega Retro Belgium.


Just before the zillion building went down in 2016, we were able to save these massiv entrance doors from the orginal Zillion entrance, just in time.
A few days later the entire building was completely vanished.


We knew that the original big fan was purchased by dancing BBC in Sint-Niklaas during the public sale of the interior of the zillion.It has served in the interior of the BBC and later complex.The fan was too powerful to use, so it was almost never working at BBC our Complex.When Complex also was over, we found the big fan to our great imagination on a wooden pallet at the current entrance of the building in 2017.
After a research, we were finaly able to buy the big fan from the owner.Even a  excavator crane was needed to make this colossus to lay down on the ground,
it was insane!
Now these days the big fan is back working at all our Mega Retro XL events.